Berlin Doner & Gyro – Review!

I really like how so many restaurants and cafés are opening up these days in Karachi offering cuisines from different countries and cultures. I’ve tried doners from Berlin Doner & Gyro thrice in the last one month. That says a lot since I tried it all three times at their new branch at Lucky One Mall’s food court which has numerous other eateries.


As the name “Berlin” Doner & Gyro suggests, doner and gyro are part of German cuisine. So coming down to explaining what a doner is…it’s like Germany’s gastronomical answer to the Arabic shawarma. Juicy, tender, rotisserie chicken filled in doner bread with delicious sauces and fresh vegetables…now that is fast food right up my alley: hearty, healthy and delicious. Here’s how they describe their specialty on their website:

Original classic Berlin doner made with imported German meat of lamb, turkey, veal or chicken. The doner is succulent, juicy, non-fatty, non-deep fried and hygienic along with fresh crispy iceberg lettuce, tomato, red cabbage and onion complimented with our secret imported blended sauces wrapped in crispy white or bran bread.

They have two doner sizes: jumbo size and junior size. The first time I tried a doner was during Ramadan, and upon inquiring the size it seemed that the junior size would be enough since we had ordered a thali from Chachajee also (I might review Chachajee too someday) and surprisingly, the junior doner itself was hearty and satisfying after a long day’s fast.

Apart from the doner being delish, I’d give Berlin Doner and Gyro brownie points for their service. The staff was polite, explained their offerings patiently (As we were trying it for the first time) and the food was served within 10 minutes after placing the order. The guy at the counter packed my remaining doner neatly and kept it in a takeaway bag with extra napkins and ketchup…I mean this might not seem like a big deal but come on…a lot of eateries don’t even give the exact number of napkins according to the number of meals served which is super annoying for me.

After trying doners twice, Saad and I decided to give gyro a shot which is pretty much the same thing as a doner, the only difference being that gyro is their rotisserie chicken placed in tortilla wraps. Here’s a description of gyro on their website:

The gyros arrived in Chicago in 1965 and is now introduced for the first time in Pakistan by BDG. Cones of imported German meat of chicken, veal, turkey or lamb rotate on the grill without the use of any oil. The tender, juicy and flavorful meat is then shaved off and piled high on a tortilla wrap topped with our secret blended sauces and fresh salad

The quality is really good in terms of the packaging, serving size, freshness of food and hygiene. In terms of the pricing, we tried their Ramadan deal which was really good: 4 junior gyros with large drink for Rs.1400. Although, the pricing seemed a little steep after their Ramadan deal ended, it’s still a really good deal considering that you get a full size chicken doner or gyro for Rs.550 which for me honestly is huge (I ate it in two sittings…tee hee!) Plus, I feel like the price is justified as it suits pretty much everyone’s budget since they have two sizes and is a fantastic food option for those who are allergic to gluten or are diet conscious since it’s gluten free and they use non oily, fat free, lean meat.

All in all I’d rate Berlin Doner and Gyro 5 out of 5. I hope they stay consistent as I’m a fan of this German dish and I’d totally recommend it to anyone who’s into trying different cuisines.

P.S. I’ve tried this more than thrice now as mentioned earlier in the review. I wrote this review much earlier but just got around to posting it! Have you tried it yet or intend to try it any time soon? Do let me know in the comments below! ^_^

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