Giant Suitcase by Etihad Airways

According to a survey conducted by Etihad Airways, nearly 75% of travellers over pack for their vacations. … More Giant Suitcase by Etihad Airways


Ramadan Mubarak!

It’s that month of the year, a month that allows us all to improve our health, our lifestyle, fix not just our dunya (worldly affairs) but also our deen (religious affairs). It’s Ramadan and today’s the first day we’re fasting here in Pakistan! … More Ramadan Mubarak!

Young Leaders Conference

I was invited to the press release of Young Leaders Conference (YLC) hosted by School of Leadership at Movenpick Hotel, Karachi. The event revolved around the idea of investing in youth and fostering their potential for a better future of Pakistan and highlighting the agenda for the 17th Young Leaders Conference that will take place in Lahore from July 1-6, 2018. … More Young Leaders Conference