A Token of Appreciation!

As always, I’ve given my honest review as there’s a promise that I’ve made to myself and to you as my followers/readers to be honest with you; call a spade a spade and always provide you with information that is beneficial as a token of appreciation to you for taking the time out to read my posts. … More A Token of Appreciation!


Eid Holiday Round Up

Hello Everyone! To all of my Muslim readers: I hope all of you had an awesome time during Eid! ^_^ I’m a communication designer which basically means that I’m a major in graphic design and advertising and a photography minor. After working for about two years post graduation for a couple of organizations, I’m taking … More Eid Holiday Round Up

Lilac in Onederland

Hello hello everyone! I hope all of you had an amazing weekend and an awesome week so far. We spent Saturday mostly chilling at home and then grocery shopping. Saad and I really enjoy grocery shopping together, does that make us weird? No, duh! Because we strongly believe this: Source And this: Source I feel … More Lilac in Onederland