Dubai Food Faves Part 2!

This part of Dubai Food Faves consists of food places we’ve tried on our own and this review will be helpful if you’re traveling to Dubai and want to know what to try and what not to try! … More Dubai Food Faves Part 2!


Eid Holiday Round Up

Hello Everyone! To all of my Muslim readers: I hope all of you had an awesome time during Eid! ^_^ I’m a communication designer which basically means that I’m a major in graphic design and advertising and a photography minor. After working for about two years post graduation for a couple of organizations, I’m taking … More Eid Holiday Round Up

Lilac in Onederland

Hello hello everyone! I hope all of you had an amazing weekend and an awesome week so far. We spent Saturday mostly chilling at home and then grocery shopping. Saad and I really enjoy grocery shopping together, does that make us weird? No, duh! Because we strongly believe this: Source And this: Source I feel … More Lilac in Onederland